AstroHeat Prototype
Smart Power Box

Only - 99€

It includes:

  • 1x AstroHeat Prototype Smart Power Box
  • 1-year subscription to the AstroHeat App (IOS, Android and Web) powered by Blynk
  • 1x AM2301 ambient sensor
  • 2x DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 3x 3-pin-block audio adaptors for sensors
  • 1x WiFi antenna

Please read the conditions and limitations of the prototype device.

The device will be dispatched in less than 1 week from your order.

Important: To operate the AstroHeat Prototype, it is necessary a subscription to the AstroHeat App.

Technical Specifications

Dew heater ports - 4x, ports, RCA jack, compatible with 3rd party vendor heating strips (not supplied), supporting 12V - 2Amps max. 

Temperature and ambient sensor ports - 4x ports, (one for each dew heater port), 3-pin 2.5mm audio jack for DS18B20 temperature sensors 1x port, 3-pin 2.5mm audio jack for AM2301 ambient humidity and temperature sensor.

12V DC power output ports - 3x ports, barrel connector jacks (5.5mm/2.1mm), 2Amps max on each port. The power output ports are always on.

Wireless connectivity - AstroHeat prototype implements TCP/IP, full 802.11 b/g/n/e/i WLAN MAC protocol, and Wi-Fi Direct specification.

IOS, Android and Web app - AstroHeat app for IOS and Android, plus web dashboard powered by Blynk included in the cloud services subscription (1-year free subscription included in the price)

Configurable operation modes - 3x operational modes for the heating system: dew point, temperature and a manual power mode, selectable from the AstroHeat App.

Prototype know issues and limitations 

Reset button  - The prototype does not restart and connect automatically when there is a temporary  electricity power-down and later recovery. It is necessary to press manually on the sport the reset button 2 seconds to restart the device. It cannot be restarted remotely.
The AstroHeat production series resolve this limitation.

Temperature and ambient sensor ports - The prototype ports are 3-pin 2.5mm audio jack. While there are in the market 3rd party sensors compatible with 4-pin 2.5mm audio jack port, it has not been possible so far to find sensors compatible with the 3-pin port. The prototype delivery set includes 3x 3-pin block adaptors for the sensors.
The AstroHeat production series is equipped with 4-pin 2.5mm audio jack, compatible with 3rd party vendor sensors, e.g. SONOFF TH Series