Why a subscription to AstroHeat is worth the investment

Why a subscription to AstroHeat is worth the investment

AstroHeat is an innovative smart power controller and automatic heating system that has revolutionised astrophotography equipment. It allows you to keep your gear outside, free from moisture and dew, while being monitored and controlled in real-time via an iOS, Android app or through the web. During the pre-sales period, AstroHeat is offered with 1-year free subscription to the app and cloud powered by Blynk. But, you may wonder why you should pay later on a subscription for the product.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the advantages of subscribing to AstroHeat and how it can enhance your astrophotography experience.

1. Access to the AstroHeat IOS, Android and web app

AstroHeat's iOS or Android app or web platform allows you to monitor and control your equipment in real-time, without the need to keep the computer at your telescope station continuously on to access it via remote desktop. The AstroHeat app ensures that you're always in control of your setup, with ease, no matter where you are.

2. Customisable notifications

AstroHeat provides a wide range of customer configurable in-app notifications and email notifications. For example if the ambient sensor shows an error, or if the temperature and humidity are out of pre-defined limits. Another great feature for astrophotography is the possibility to turn on/off your equipment connected to AstroHeat, at a specific date and time or at sunrise/sunset time. This feature ensures that you're always informed of any issues with your setup, allowing you to take the necessary actions to keep your equipment safe.

3. Automatic software updates

AstroHeat's subscription includes automatic software updates with improved functionality and new widgets. This feature ensures that you always have access to the latest features and updates without any additional costs.

4. Access to historical monitoring data

The subscription allows you to access your monitoring data for up to six months. This feature is valuable in identifying trends and patterns in your setup, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimise your astrophotography experience.

In conclusion, a subscription to AstroHeat is worth the investment for anyone looking to take their astrophotography setup to the next level. With access to the AstroHeat app, customisable notifications, automatic software updates and access to historical monitoring data, AstroHeat provides a comprehensive solution to optimise your astrophotography experience.